#JuneStudyJam is a monthly art challenge where you study art every day of the month of June to try and improve your work. Creating a daily habit of study and improvement is easily the best way you can grow as an artist. So let’s use this month to study and learn!

How to participate in JuneStudyJam

  1. Study art every day. Do at least one study every single day. A study can be a figure drawing, a figure painting, a landscape study, a portrait, anatomy studies, a still life, a master study, or just about anything you want!
  2. Share your work on social media with the hashtag #JuneStudyJam and tag us on Instagram @reference.pictures so we can share your work!

You can obviously do this totally on your own or by sharing your work on social media⁠—by purchasing this product here on Gumroad you’re just signing up for a daily email for the month of June where you’ll get free reference images to study from, inspiration, encouragement, and more!

If you’re anything like me, you could probably use a helping hand in studying more. Let’s all encourage one another to work harder and grow together! 💪

📧 Daily emails for the month of June

📷 Free reference images

🎨 Art inspiration & encouragement

🛠 Tools & resources

🤼 Discord channel to share your work with other studying artists

🔮 Other stuff maybe?