The best way to draw better hands is to start with good hand reference photos!

Struggle to draw hands? Of course you do. Everyone does! This is why you need some hand reference pictures to help you out.

Artists have been struggling to draw hands for hundreds of years. They’re delicate, intricate, gestural, complex, and just darn confusing. But a well drawn or painted hand can turn a good piece of art into a great one and add new layers to your abilities as an artist.

The best way to study hands is to draw a lot of them. And while drawing your own hand is a great idea, there are only so many poses you can see of your own hand. Not to mention hand cramps are annoying.

Check out our most popular reference pack: hand reference pictures for artists! Perfect for drawing, sketching, painting, and practicing with. Also a fantastic resource the next time you’re struggling to draw a specific pose. Don’t make it up—use reference!

Includes both male and female hands. Dramatic, varied lighting. And interacting with all sorts of objects, too! Capture the unique gestures and anatomy that make up hands.

Extremely high resolution images mean you can make extremely refined, detailed paintings of hands with these exquisite reference photos. All of the images are carefully color corrected so that you get the best color you can from the photo. You can feel comfortable working from these photos, knowing that you can see all of the subtle shifts in color throughout these hands.

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Model: Noah Bradley and Rachel Bradley
Resolution: 4480x6720px
Number of photos: 524

Hand reference pictures for artists from Reference.Pictures